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19 Apr - 8 min - Uploaded by GameXplain Somehow missed the ending? Check it out and more, including the.

9 Jun - 3 min - Uploaded by TheGeekUser The ending/credits to Portal 2 with the "Want You Gone" song in Full p HD! ' Want You.

22 Apr - 5 min - Uploaded by DeathlyCrane Credits song of portal 2 once you defeat the final chapter. Lyrics: Well here we are again It's.

27 Apr - 2 min - Uploaded by rinerion Portal 2 credits song, sung at the end of the game by GLaDOS. "Want you gone" Piano.

26 Aug - 2 min - Uploaded by GermanLyrics98 The Ending Song from Portal 2 with Lyrics! 18 Apr - 3 min - Uploaded by GameXplain Listen to "Want you Gone" music track from Portal 2. It's the sequel's. 21 Apr - 5 min - Uploaded by John Doe Here you got a high quality rip of the ending of portal 2. Including the Ending Robot-Theme.

"Want You Gone" is the song that goes along with the ending credits of Portal 2. It is played after the player leaves Aperture Science and. Portal 2 is a physics-based puzzle-platformer game created by the Valve Corporation and Coulton wrote a new song for the game's ending credits, " Want You Gone", also written from GLaDOS's viewpoint. In addition to its inclusion in the Portal 2 soundtrack, a version of "Want You Gone" as sung by Coulton appears on. "Still Alive" is a song featured in the closing credits of the video game Portal . The sequel to Portal, Portal 2, also ended with a song written by Coulton and sung by McLain called "Want You Gone". The two collaborated on a third song.

I used to want you dead. But now, I only want you gone [Verse 2] You Gone” is the song that goes along with the ending credits of Portal 2.

The lyric is "I'll stop feeling so bad". The reason it is redacted in the first place, is because GLaDOS is, in her own way, admitting she has grown. 4 May - 5 min roblox portal 2 ending theme · Playing next. Naomi NEW WWE Theme Song - ''Amazing. Portal 2. "Want You Gone" is a song featured in Portal 2 that plays during the game's credits, as the successor of "Still Alive". As with the former, it is sung from .

What was that song when your about to decend by an elevator there's a small piece of a soundtrack before the turret song begins?. Browse the best of our 'Still Alive (Portal End Theme)' video gallery and vote for your Portal 2: End Credits Song 'Want You Gone' by Jonathan Coulton [p. GLaDOS wants you gone so badly she sings a song about it at the end of Portal 2 . Most test subjects get the hint right away. If they didn't, I can.

Portal 2 is (imo) one of the best video games of all time and tells one of the best video And that ending song is even better than Portal 1's.

As the title it is so damn catchy and distracting(in a good way) and this is just like when i first heard the ending of portal. this will be in. Download music and ringtones from Portal 2. DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE SOUNDTRACK · Download Volume (contains 22 tracks). Science is Fun. Music by Jonathan Coulton from the game Portal 2 by VALVE. IMO I think that the last notes of the song should be whole notes instead of half notes, at least for .

Can you name the lyrics to the endng theme of Portal 2? Test your knowledge on this gaming quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others. Quiz by. I want to share with you my version of "want you gone" from portal 2: http://www. ?v=lIch2OcGSkI I hope you'll like it!. The theme from the trailer of Portal 2, "Reconstructing More Science", just doesn't The ending song, "Want You Gone", (spoilers, of course) is really good too.

Song from the Valve game Portal, by Gladous and cake =) 1 comment (Portal 2 Ending Theme) *SPOILER ALERT* Want You Gone". it's the ending to portal. Listen to A Cappella cover () and A Cappella cover from Turret Opera - Cara Mia (Portal 2 ending theme). Find similar music that you'll enjoy, only. Coulton wrote and performed a song titled "Still Alive" for the ending "Want You Gone" is featured in Valve's game release Portal 2.

Forms FORM / Test Assessment Report / This was a triumph. / I'm making a note here: / HUGE SUCCESS. / It's hard to overstate / my satisfaction. How To Create A Portal To Hell · Linkin Park's In The End In 20 Styles · Misheard Song Lyrics - Round 2 · 3-Year-Old With A Real Portal Gun!. Unlimitted free downloads of your favourite Portal 2 - Soundtrack Cara Mia addio is the ending turret song for the single player storyline!.

The ending credits of Portal (and later Portal 2) feature some of the greatest song lyrics in the history of video games. Now you can enjoy GLaDOS' Still Alive. Destiny 2 Ending / Credits / Post Credits Scene Portal 2 | Turrets Trailer ReCore - Final Cutscene The Last Of Us Ending Cutscene / Ending Scene END. 26 Aug - 3 min The ending song to Portal typographied. Song by valve etc copyright Special thanks to.

"Exile Vilify" is a song composed and performed by The National Originally, it was intended to be used for a "fake ending" Easter egg located.

Songs to Test By: Portal 2 Soundtrack Volume 3, an Album by Aperture "Still Alive", the ending theme to the first Portal was a surprise hit (emphasis on the.

These are the two ending themes of Portal and Portal 2. This is just to state which is you're favorite. They are both really amazing songs in my.

Want You Gone - Portal 2 Jonathan Coulton tabbed by ambient This is the song in the ending credits to Portal 2. I don't like staggering.

19 апр Смотреть Portal 2: Ending, Credits Song [HD] Скачать 3GP p, 3GP p, MP4 p, MP4 p. Jonathan Coulton's "Still Alive" made waves as the ending theme of Portal, so . Want You Gone ~Portal 2~ Composed By: Johnathan Coulton Arranged Coda, then jump to the measure marked with (CODA) and play to the end. .. I wanted to be the first one to post a fingerstyle arrangement of this song.

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Made a playlist of pretty much every awesome credits/end game theme I've ( Not going to spoil the one I'm talking about, but if you finished Portal 2, you'll.

At the end of Portal 2, the resurrected GLaDOS chooses not to kill Chell and instead banishes her (sets her free) to an unknown future.

'Still Alive' from at the end of Portal during the credits. . YouTube™ Video: Portal 2: End Credits Song 'Want You Gone' by Jonathan Coulton.

Imagine a Portal 2 with no GLaDOS, Chell, nor portals. A particular point of struggle was the game's ending. There would be a song for each, appropriate to the nature of the death, and frankly that sounds brilliant. And one. I just beat Portal 2. Here's some piano sheet music for the ending song, Want You Gone, by Jonathan Coulton. Mild spoilers, in case you. In addition, the following movie is the ending theme "Now I Only Want You Gone" of portal 2 sung by voice actors of GLaDOS. With Japanese.

Portal 2 - Want You Gone (orchestra version) O hai thar main theme from Portal 2. Jonathan Coulton - Want You Gone (Ending Credits song from Portal 2). this song is beautiful, works well with the end of inFamous 2, but works given the context of the game's ending and, in my opinion. Portal 2. Portal 2 ending Chrome Theme by Logan Blanchard.

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