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is he from the Movie Blue Streak? I Like This 0 I Dislike This 0. aka 12th May at Merged. I Like This 1 I Dislike This 0. Bluestreak (no relation to a Transformers character) is an original character conceived, sprited and voiced by Diepod, coded into Capcom Mugen Version, 6 Jan - 3 min - Uploaded by Balthazar Bluestreak was released on 31th December, and some of you might have gotten a hold of him.

1 Jan - 2 min - Uploaded by YagamiBrando Bluestreak is ready to go batshit insane. He was released today (or yesterday? Whatever) by.

1 Jun - 12 min - Uploaded by Balthazar Get him here: Again, thanks to. 6 Oct - 2 min - Uploaded by ronildo sousa lima cvs mugen #2 Frank west vs bluestreak. ronildo sousa lima. Loading Unsubscribe from. Well, the moment has finally come. Happy New Year, everyone! Jesuszilla and I REALLY hope you'll enjoy this. After so much time being in.

Bluestreak. Filesize: Mb; Views: ; Downloads: ; Created: December 31, , PM; Last accessed: Today at AM. Rating: (4.

#new go get him Mugen fans Bluestreak is.

Something I love about Bluestreak's AI in #mugen is that he just walks up to and away from you as he pleases. PM - 11 Jun 0 replies 0 retweets 0. Salty Bet allows you to place bets on live competitive events. Char: karatemsghtml#new. Bluestreak by Jesuszilla.

Bluestreak will show those guys a thing or two when he grows up. EASY PHOTO PRINT SOFTWARE MAC A Mugen. Mugen is the protagonist.

Bluestreak released, all CvS2 characters (except Andy), Felicia (VC) updated. MUGEN Content Architect; *; Posts: 40; Country: United States.

New ai patch by tunglashor on mugenguild. Its pretty hype. Bluestreak m.u.g.e.n. updates look at this shit combos · 69 notes. 69 notes. Nov 18th.

Bluestreak is an original character, and the brainchild of the artist Diepod. Loganir made his return to Mugen late last year with the help of. Rating: /9 | Tags: mugen CvS Bluestreak By Diepod and Jesuszilla COMICS CHARACTERS Random Characters, New mugen characters. Growing up Mugen knew words like hunger, fear, and alone. his sword by the campfire, Jin would look at him and silently talk a blue streak.

MUGEN Ultimate All-Star Z Episode #93 1/2. MUGEN Trunks VS I Cell. MUGEN most wanted: Captain America and Trunks SSJ vs Team Melty Blood. Mugen. 13 Jan - 3 min Fael Chan Mugen - Bluestreak vs Electro. [MUGEN] Bluestreak by Diepod and Jezuszilla. A page for describing Characters: M.U.G.E.N. This article lists characters created for the MUGEN engine that do not exist elsewhere. For source fighting game .

Underground Mugen community specializing in advanced Mugen stages, SD Bluestreak by Balthazar Released (06/01/) on Thu Jun

M.U.G.E.N. (, characters and stage made by various people at various points in #Bluestreak#fight game#dev stuff#we are testing in mugen before moving.

Gear Set LCG Type - Kyosho Blade Runner Blue Streak Marine Boats HD Steel 30t Mod1 Spur Gear Fit Traxxas Revo Serpent Mugen BMT OFNA.

I also play Mugen every blue moon WARNING: Watching any of my Let's Play v Mugen: Cloud Strife vs Shin Gouki Mugen: Bluestreak vs Krauser The primary point was to play at Nano-Mugen Festival a festival organized by our and Mini-bots set, Binaltech Bluestreak and the new Star Wars Kubricks. Blue Streak Spray Paint, Polycarbonate Lexan, 3oz. MSRP: $ Purchase this product and earn 6 RC Points! This product is not currently.

BLUESTREAK RADIO CONTROLLED RACING BOAT LENGTH: mm ( "). GPBLUESTREAK V-bottom hull provides excellent stability and.

Buy and sell CS:GO Mako - Blue Streak skins & items on the world's largest CS: GO marketplace. Find cheap CS:GO Mako - Blue Streak skins now. Machines: Ossa Phantom - Blue Streak Special; Kawasaki KX - Who're they trying to kid?; Competition: United States Grand Mugen MER Download mugen characters, games, new releases, stages, Mb | Views | Downloads Bluestreak (character design, concept.

A tourney that's basically mixed, with characters that have: Good AI, Not very smart AI, Made with care, Not very well coded, Might be a spammer, whatever's on.

BEST OF ERA Mugen Tag-Team AI Tournament It's a new forum and it's time to bring out the best of the best, for a brand new mugen ai.

Uploaded: Dec 3, PM EST; Category: Pixel Art; File Info: x px: PNG: KB; Tags. indie-games · mugen · sprite. Mugen resources of Capcom vs SNK Style. Jesuszilla, CVS2, Necro, Felicia, Alex, Sagat, Gallon, Dee Jay, Bluestreak, Felicia, Zeori, Eagle, Bison, Andy, GO. This item is a die-cast metal, plastic or resin display car model.

26 Feb - 20 min MUGEN Char Released - Yoko Littner by Cruz & Warusaki3. MUGEN Char . [ MUGEN.

Check out #Bluestreak images on Instagram: latest posts and popular posts about #Bluestreak One of my fave MUGEN characters. Bluestreak by Diepod i. 3 Sep TMC55 Mugen - Butt-Head vs. Fungi 2 years ago. Views: 3, [ MUGEN] Bluestreak. View [bluestreak]'s real competitive CS:GO ranks, weapon usages, maps played, and much more! Mugen the jap lag master Master Guardian II.

I agree with Mugen. I was in New York for a short time a few years ago. I didn't get to do everything but i wouldn't be slow enough to think based.

This is going to be my first MUGEN tournament with the teams of the others. Primarly I was Deux Briggs: Bluestreak, Teppei Asakura, Kaname Ameri, Toushi 5.

Mugen Fighters Guild Character Wiki: Original Edits - Low Resolution Bloodtide Bluestreak Bola Byrne Chiffon Crescent Demiurgos Det.

16 Mar - 1 min [MUGEN] Bluestreak by Diepod and Jezuszilla RELEASED and MOVELIST video! Bluestreak. Bluestreak Vs chuchoryu Vs Rickard Vs JEDDragon In the real life I can fight againist 10 at the same time, but in Mugen is for fun, I want to. Art Storm's Super Deformed (SD) EM Gokin 08 Mugen Calibur and EM New Reveal: Masterpiece MP+ Bluestreak Animation Version.

One of my fave MUGEN characters. Bluestreak by Diepod i don't think he has an IG but he has a twitter and tumblr, you should def follow him @blupervillian I. What could have possibly gotten Rugal to piss Bluestreak off? Characters used: Bluestreak by Jesuszilla M.U.G.E.N: Felicia vs Cham Cham - Catfight. MUGEN Sophitia VS Kuromaru Plus Awesome MUGEN battle between Kuromaru VS Sophitia from mugen [MUGEN] SD Bluestreak Video Movelist .

Always and Forever-Mugen (Samurai Champloo)-One Shot. Shock Therapy is a homage to my favourite Mugen character Bluestreak, Mugen is a freeware 2D.

Mugen Battles - Huey Freeman vs Bartmangamer Ma5t3rGam3r 6, views. Random Mugen Battle- Bluestreak [ME] vs. Huey eastman blue streak ii. sally hansen insta dri fast dry nail color 12 blue streak 0 . cvs mugen 2 frank west vs bluestreak youtube. samson bs Section categories KOF Ultimate Mugen is a simple M. 0, a new version . mau mayar megamari meirin meitoru mewtwoZX Bluestreak by Diepod, Jesuszilla.

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